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I just moved to Sweden three weeks ago and it has not been easy but its exciting. My family and I have a new enviroment, a new experience of something new. So far I think it has gone quite well. I have learned a lot of words. Last night I dreamed of driving a bus to school. It was very scary then I woke up and now I was scared of the bus. Everyday it is a rush to go to school it can be quite overwhelming but we get through it.

My mom walks my sister to school while my father drives me. When I go to school it is quite scary because I have to meet new people. But the teachers are very nice and its much better than my hometown. Sometimes I feel like Im alone and no one gets me except my sister but sometimes she is mean and she is always grumy and annoying.

One thing I liked to do in my free time is spend time playing with my cats because they are so funny to look at and to play with because they just chase a laser around my house and jump on things and lay upside down. They make me feel happy. When my mom picks me up from school I eat my snack and get on the bus. I am learning to ride a bus correctly and go home myself. But it is always scary to do things you dont know how and what to do. When we go off the bus we go to my sisters school. To pick her up. Once we do we walk pass the park back home once we cross the road we go in the house.

Once we get in my sister eats snacks and watches her tablet, my mom goes to eat snacks and watch the tv after her long day of hard work cleaning the house, and I go eat snacks and do homework and read a wikipedia about dinosaurs. Because right now Im doing my own research about dinosaurs so far I know that dinosaurs lived over 65 million years ago and they died from a asteroid or a explosive volcano in my oppinion I think volcano sounds more realistic becuse most of the dinosaurs were found under or in rocks. Which volcano’s lava makes rocks and caves. But alot more people think it was an astetroid.

Once my dad comes home he gets dinner ready while me and my sister shower then we eat dinner. During dinner I love talking to my parents about my day and what I have learned. Then me and my sister sit in my room to play game on our tablet. Then it is bedtime where we sleep and dream I always dream about the bus dream over and over again but in different versions.